Oy this is short

I’ve been saying “oy vey” a lot lately. There’s no reason. It’s just been my expression of choice for confusion and exasperation.

Everyone seems to have paired up? All my friends are suddenly part of a couple? Hilariously, it’s not a new thing. It’s a thing that has always been true. And I really enjoy the significant others whether they are male or female. Sometimes I’m actually closer to the significant other than to the person I originally became friends with.

Don’t judge me for ending a sentence with a preposition.

Is it loneliness? Is it the desire to be around other people that makes other people scoff when I claim introvertedness? I really am an introvert. I regain my energy from alone time. I feel better after a morning on my own than I do after a week of hilarity with the best of friends.

But yes, I’m single and though I have delightful friends who I consider +1’s all the time and who I drag to every single social event I’m forced to attend, I’m still walking to the farmers market alone (gag me) and sitting around wondering what to do on a Saturday night.

When did everyone pair up?

How does that happen?



Feet on the Wall


I could love a man who cooks.

I could just as easily love a man who does not. Someone women dance; some make a mean martini; some beguile with wit, secret smiles and double entendre.

Countless times, I have heard it said that tricks don’t work. More than a decade of attempting to date – and doing what I’m told does work, ie confidence, eye contact, etc. – with little to no success, has taught me otherwise as I have seen eligible men around me fall for exactly the tricks I’ve been told not to do. 

This is not to say that I’ve done everything right because God knows that’s not true. But I don’t really want to spend more than a few lines bemoaning my own single status. Do I care that I’m single? Sure. Does it rule every decision I make? No.

At this point in my life, all I really want is person to cook with at the end of the day. Someone to bring on family vacations if only so that my siblings and parents stop wondering if I am permanently damaged in some way. Someone who wants to lie in bed on Sunday mornings, who wants to put their feet up on the wall with mine while we sip coffee and argue over who should get up and go out to buy a paper.

Because I am actually a ball of stereotypes. Aren’t we all?

Is it strange to want someone to argue with? To want someone who challenges me to think of things in new ways and makes me step outside my comfort zone in a million different directions? I think that would be pretty fantastic.

I’m pretty tired of being told I just suck it up and join the online dating pool again but who knows. Maybe it’s time to throw my line back out into the deep end again.

Someone out there must be dying to lie around and be lazy with me, right?

(The image above is from one of my favorite movies of the last few years, For Lovers Only, from the Polish brothers. It is stunning and beautiful, and you should see it if you haven’t.)