In which I vomit happiness all over a podcast

Me...podcast listening

Me…podcast listening

I think I miss talk radio.

That’s the only justification I can make in my brain for the absurd number of podcasts that I listen to on a weekly basis and subscribe to monthly. Don’t even get me started on the number of times I have said, under my breath while standing on a subway platform, usually in a complete rage, “WHY HASN’T GIRL ON GUY/NERDIST/THRILLING ADVENTURE HOUR UPDATED YET?!”

It’s not always one of those three. I subscribe to about 15 podcasts that update weekly or monthly and usually, by Thursday, I am swearing about having nothing to listen to on my commutes.

But today, today, I got a special treat.

Today I listened to the Nerdist podcast episode with Katey Sagal.

You guys, I am a child of the 1980s. I grew up in a time when the plastic covers had only just been ripped from sofas, when moms were bobbing and perming their hair to look like football helmets with pride, and when RoseanneThe Cosby Showand a little sitcom called Married…with Children were the height of evening entertainment.

Okay there were a lot more to it than that, but that’s a lot of what I remember.

We were not allowed to watch Married…with Children. Nope. It was forbidden.

Which of course only made us want to watch it more. It was the ultimate in bad behavior in the Berkey household. Sunday evenings featured viewings of The Simpsons but after that was Married…with Children and sometimes, if we held very still and were very quiet, our parents would forget what was on after that harmless cartoon show they let us watch and we would get through a few minutes – sometimes even the whole half hour – of the Bundys.

We freakin’ loved it.

So today, when I saw that was what I had que’d up for my commute, I giggled like the naughty ten year old watching a sitcom she was definitely not supposed to be watching. In other words, I giggle maniacally and to myself so that the jig would not be up. And it did not disappoint.

Love him or not, Chris Hardwick hosts a good interview, and when the guests come to play – as many have in the last few weeks – it’s even more entertaining. Listening to Sagal talk about Sons of Anarchy, Futurama, and of course Married..with Children was everything I wanted it to be. She just has one of those voices that is permanently etched in my brain as this thing straight out of my childhood.

And then she talked about how she sings and writes songs and puts out albums, and allowed my brain to plan things to buy in its downtime during my work day. So fun. SO FUN.

Okay that review of “so fun” only really makes sense if you’ve ever sat in front of me and seen me get really excited about something, but for those of you who haven’t, just imagine me being really excited and bouncy and clapping my hands a lot.

The Nerdist interview with Katey Sagal was great. And you should listen to it. There’s comedy. There’s actual good talk about stuff like meditation and life/work balance and monetary success vs feeling like you’re accomplishing something you’re proud of success. And there’s a lot of laughing and joking and some inappropriate references to drugs and drinking. I enjoyed it a lot.

Katey Sagal sounds like possibly the coolest person ever. Like Helena Bonham Carter laughing that she scares her childrens’ friends by toying with her Bellatrix Lestrange wands levels of cool. And they tweeted pictures at the end, and it was kind of adorable.

via Katey Sagal's twitter

via Katey Sagal’s twitter

Go download it right now. And tell me if you don’t find yourself running to Netflix to see if they don’t have Married…with Children on there somewhere. I am seriously hoping Hardwick attempts a reunion panel for that cast.

It would be fucking amazing, and I would buy tickets.