Verklempt & Barrel

I almost cried at Crate & Barrel today.

tumblr_inline_mrcrmrLF7e1qz4rgpCan’t believe I’m writing that down for the world to read. You see, I don’t cry*. No really, the last time I truly cried was when my mother died more than ten years ago. I may get verklempt over something and choked up over a sad scene in a movie or book, but I don’t cry. Tears don’t run down my face. I don’t bat my eyes prettily.

When I do cry, it is a sweaty, red faced, snot filled experience.

That is not what I did today.

The asterisk with “cry” up there is because I am an angry frustrated crier. When dealing with customer service that is completely and totally horrible (like the bank who charges me $14 in fees at completely random times – and I have put them on a calendar and tracked the dates – that always fall on the Thursday before a pay day when I have $5 in my checking account…and then charges me an addition $35 in overdraft fees) I will get completely choked up on the phone. When moved to rage by anything from a work situation to sleeping through my alarm to almost missing an appointment, my first reaction is to get so close to the point of crying that I might actually pass out before a tear traverses my cheek.

My throat tightens. My sinuses empty and squeeze between my eyes. I can’t speak because I physically cannot inhale enough oxygen to form words.

So I almost cried in Crate & Barrel today. In a very #firstworldproblem situation, the sofa I have saved my money to purchase for my new apartment is not, as I was assured, something they stock that I can just buy and have delivered within the week. The sofa that I want is a special order that takes to 8-10 weeks. So I’m going to spend a lot of time getting acquainted with my floor until July.

BUT I didn’t cry and that’s really what matters. I kept my proverbial shit together, and I chatted up the customer service man who saw my face fall and my forehead scrunch and thought he was going to have a Grade A freakout on his hands.

I worked in customer service for years, and I absolutely refuse to take my ire out on the people who have to deal with dissatisfied customers. What is the point in ruining someone else’s day by having a meltdown at them for simply doing their jobs?

Crate & Barrel employs some lovely people. He was very helpful. He can’t make my couch get here any faster but he can give me a “moving” discount and waive my shipping fee and “turn my frown upside down”. No those words did not actually cross either of our lips, but I think we both thought them at one point during the transaction.

I’m going to go sit on my floor now and read a book.

I expect I’ll be doing a lot of that this summer.



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