Reading books…Reviewing books…Silent City

Crime and mystery novels are not normally my genres of choice. Don’t get me wrong. I love a good who-done-it, but I’m more likely to grab a little literary fiction or fantasy when set loose in a bookstore. But when I heard that best selling and critically-acclaimed comic writer Alex Segura was publishing his first full length novel – a crime novel – I had to give it a chance.

Silent City wades into the seamy underbelly of Miami and the Cuban crime world peopled with gangsters, drug cartels and money laundering. After an opening chapter with the brutal abduction (possibly murder) of a young woman hot on the trail of murderer-for-hire the “Silent Death” perspective shifts to Pete Fernandez as he is drawn into finding the missing woman and uncovering, once and for all, the identity of the mysterious fixer of Miami’s mob families.

The story is peppered with characters unable to hide their weaknesses from friends and readers alike, a mystery spanning years and, in the case of our main character, generations, Miami’s rich cultural makeup, and the families we build outside the families we’re born into. I really enjoyed the characters, even when they gave me few redeeming features of their own, and the story drew me in and hooked me.

Silent City was a quick read. I finished it in just a few days, and by the time I was reaching the climax, I was turning off the television and flying through the last twenty pages just to know what happened to Pete and all his friends. If you’re looking for something engaging this holiday season, or you have a relative who loves a good crime story, I definitely recommend picking this one up at your local bookstore.

With the subtitle “A Pete Fernandez Mystery” on the cover, I’m hoping we’ll see another book out of Segura sooner rather than later.