Nap Con 2014: It’s going to be a thing


Another New York Comic Con has come and gone. Too many days in row with little sleep, little food, not enough water and more laughter and fun with friends from out of town than I ever think is possible.

Today’s actually a federal holiday, but I’m at work. While cursing the heavens, the sunshine, the happy smiling tourists standing in line outside Madame Tussaud’s at 8:30 AM in 50 degree weather while I walked across Times Square from the subway to my Hell’s Kitchen office, I decided that this exhaustion and ennui that will inevitably stretch through the week must end.

This will be the last year that I don’t institute Nap Con.

Look for it next year, kids: Nap Con 2014.

Here’s my proposition:

Last night of con, we rent a suite at a local hotel and split the cost. We order extra pillows, extra blankets and jerry-rig a big screen projector against one wall. Everybody cleans themselves up.

We drink tea and eat cookies, and we talk about all the fun things about con with none of the post mortem negativity that thankfully I didn’t experience this year.

We pass out in a puppy-pile of tired.

The following morning, coffee and tea are delivered to our suite. We watch a morning show while munching on bagels, not brushing our hair and sorting through the various con loot we have had no moment to enjoy yet.

At some point, we pull on the most socially-acceptable, wearable-outside pajamas we can muster and debunk the hotel for brunch with mimosas and piles of toast and home fries and bacon.

Maybe, MAYBE, sometime after noon we go our separate ways and peacefully re-enter our real lives. None of this horrible no sleep first days back to life. NO MORE.

I demand better!

I would also like a foot massage, a facial and a heating pad for my shoulders.

Look for applications come Con Season 2014.


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